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Sweet Slumber Before and After You Tie the Knot
Outside of your love for one another, the single most important thing that the two of you will need on your wedding day and every day thereafter is…..beauty sleep. Yes, that’s right, beauty sleep. A good night’s sleep each and every night does wonders, works miracles and makes life sparkle.
Get ready to savour your wedding day to the fullest possible extent with a feeling of restfulness, energy, attentiveness and jubilee by giving bedtime the attention and worth it deserves. With the following suggestions, the two of you will begin to feel brand new and ready for each other all day having had the beauty rest you require.
1. Never go to bed angry or upset. Do your best to arrive at a resolution with the person or people with whom you have the trouble before going to sleep.

2. Go to bed early. Many doctors concur with the idea that for every hour you are asleep before midnight it will count as three hours of sleep. Indeed, quality over quantity wins again. The times that you fall asleep are far more important in terms of achieving a restful slumber compared to the amount of time you actually spend sleeping. In truth, it is a known fact that your body emits a hormone that heals and restores damage in the body only during a deep sleep between the hours of 10 pm and 1 am. The old adage: “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man (and woman) wise,” is tried, tested and true.

3. Fresh sheets help you to feel the crisp energy of textile that has been recently laundered. Do you want to take it one step further? After washing, hang your sheets out to dry in the sun and let the wind blow through the fibres. The outside air fills the textile with negative ions which have healing properties on the body.

4. An environment of comfort and association does wonders to relax and restore mental and emotional balance. For example, a pleasant picture from your childhood that hangs next to your bed will evoke lovely memories of the past; a religious object will restore confidence in your life’s purpose, old and worn pyjamas will conform to your body like an exquisite second skin. After a long day, all these little things work together to form a personal snoozing oasis.

5. A ritual will speak to the mind and body like nothing else. Once you have established a time that you want to be in bed, you will need to prepare for it with some kind of ritual. For example, washing your face and brushing your teeth is standard, but dropping a little bit of essential oil in your palms and breathing in the smell will leave you with a pleasant feeling. Also, breathing deeply for even just a few minute prior to getting into bed will help relieve much of the day’s stress.

6. Sleeping on your back helps you to breathe easily. In addition, you avoid getting engraved wrinkles from squishing your face into a pillow.

7. A piece of paper and pen by the bed to write your thoughts down helps in working out some of the challenges and often confusion of the day. Writing things that need to be done in a to-do list will help you to eliminate racing thoughts all night long about the things you need to get done. You can rely on your paper pad to remind you in the morning and can concentrate on getting a good night’s sleep.

8. Darkness expedites the body’s healing. Total darkness will take a load of stress off your eyes and body during your slumber. If you find it hard to achieve darkness, try a face mask to block out the light.

9. Total silence or at least a significant amount of quietude will give your mind and ears a nourishing break and holiday they deserve after a day of noise pollution. This is especially the case if you work in the city or around a lot of machinery.

With suggestions such as these, iweddings.com sends you off to an excellent start at achieving the most pleasant slumber you have ever experienced. Don’t be surprised if your spouse finds you smiling when you sleep. You both deserve a sound and healthy rest. Stay tuned for more ways to achieve a lifetime of happy slumbers. Sweet dreams!
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