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The New Year calls for new beginnings. This means doing things differently than the way we have been up to now. And there is no better way to begin the new two of you than by feeling changed and relieved with the organization of papers, clothing, books, housewares, trinkets and all of that other stuff that we, in the first world nations have the misfortune of having around us all the time. All this unwanted clutter stops us from thinking clearly and can become a serious obstacle in our relationship with our spouse/significant other.

Designate the Time and Day

Once you have decided the time and day(s) you are going to tackle your stuff, stick to them and mean business. Your goal should be to have your entire living space tidy to make your daily activities enjoyable.

Getting Started

Have a plan of your living space ready. The first priority should be the room you use the most. You will need folders, boxes and bags, a permanent marker, masking tape, paper to use for labels. As you go through your things ask yourself if you need it from day to day. If the answer is “yes” keep it in a place where you can see it. If the answer is “no” you may consider donating it to a local thrift shop. If you simply cannot part with things but have them around serving no purpose except to contribute to clutter, place them in a box, label the contents on the outside using a marker and stash them.

Keep it Simple and Keep on Moving

You may be tempted to look at old photographs or reminisce over the memories that this thing or that thing evokes. Try not to let this happen. If your goal is to tidy a room in an afternoon then do it.

If along the way of your organizing adventure you find that there are things that you really need daily (like a bicycle) but are not so nice to look at because it is all beat up, conceal it with a folding screen, coverer it up with a cloth or place it in a closet that is easily accessible. Organizing is fun if you approach it with a good disposition. It is a task that gets you to be practical and logical about your possessions so that they serve you and not the other way around.

Don’t let material wealth thwart your relationship or your inner growth. The constant acquisition of stuff has the ability, over time, to blind us of the things that truly matter: each other in the relationship.
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