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Are you one of those non-breakfast people? “I just don’t feel like eating anything when I wake up,” you say. In case you don’t already know this, this common practice is among the unhealthiest that stresses the body unnecessarily. Furthermore, if you are looking to lose some weight, you need to know that a solid breakfast is paramount. By the simple implementation of a nutritious breakfast you commence your New Year mornings in the best way for the health of your body.

Your body’s metabolic rate is at its highest when you first wake up in the morning and drops a little at a time as the day progresses into night. Therefore, it is sensical to eat food then, as you will easily burn it off. Picture it this way: your body is like a high efficiency furnace in the morning and it needs fuel to function well. If there is no fuel through food it will use up whatever nutrients exist at present in the body wherever it may find them. Nothing comes from nothing. So your muscles and organs, for example, become depleted of necessary nutrients just to keep you going. Over time this may lead to illness in the areas of frequent depletion. By fuelling your body with nutritious food at the start of the day you then eventually stop the body’s desperate search for energy stores that compromise your health.

People who don’t have breakfast tend to overeat during the day and at night as they have literally starved themselves from the previous night way into the following day. As mentioned, the “furnace” is not working as brightly now and will not burn off as easily that which is ingested. Thus, undigested food gets converted and stored as fat in the body.

The ideal situation is to have a hefty breakfast and then to lessen the intake of food (but not the quality) a little with every meal so that dinner is hearty but simple. Just to avoid any confusion, junk food of any kind does not qualify as food. Processed, highly refined foods are just as undesirable. In addition, the body’s metabolic rate drops significantly after 6 p.m. so that after this time it is a good idea not to eat or drink anything besides water until the next day. Do this and you will certainly become a breakfast person.

The more traditional the breakfast the better. Here are some Canadian greats: eggs, fruit, bread, milk, cheese and nuts. Keep in mind that all foods are not equal. For example, eggs that come from a farm where the chickens are allowed to roam around freely are superior to the commercially farmed ones you get in your local grocery store. Anyway, do what you can, you are worth it!
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